We grew up in beautiful Colombia. Having no seasons meant living in an endless summer where beach escapades were part of our daily routine; swim trunks were always an essential wardrobe staple. Not being entirely satisfied with what was already in the market, we decided to take matters into our own hands.   


Isabel (co-owner) and Camilo (co-owner) with their brother and cousins. Cartagena, Colombia 1999.


In 2012 Papua was founded as we realized that there was more to offer in regards to quality, design and ethical practices within the men’s swimwear market. And so, we set our course putting together a young and talented team:

Isabel (co-owner) is a talented designer with an emphasis in graphic and textile design, and studies on entrepreneurship and sustainability. Her strength lies in her creativity and impeccable taste for the design and creation of one of a kind patterns and her strategic input in building sustainable brands. On the other hand, Camilo (co-owner) contributed his keen eye for aesthetics and luxury design, with a marketing and sales background.

Isabel (co-owner) and Camilo (co-owner) Bogota, Colombia 2019. 


"We invite our customers to see the world differently: to embark on a spontaneous journey, explore the authenticity and culture of unexplored destinations, and embrace the lifestyle that PAPÚA has to offer: adventurous spirit with effortless style"                                         

-Camilo Obregón (Co-Owner)