The ocean, the tropical coastline and the marine wildlife have always been the inspiration behind our collections. That’s why it saddens us that today they are drowning in and endless sea of plastic. Motivated by the conservation and recuperation of these ecosystems we embarked in our sustainability journey understanding that we don’t have all the answers and that there will always be more to do. But with the certainty that our final goal is to make our garments through sustainable and ethical practices and inspire change within our community and our customers.

Coast of Cartagena, Colombia. 2019


Form plastic to fabric is an initiative that seeks to give plastic residue a second life by turning it into fabric called rPET or recycled polyester which we’ll use for the production of our swim shorts and Summer Soles. This type of textile is obtained through a process where existing plastic residues such as water bottles are melted and converted into polyester fibers. Through this recycling process, the fiber is rebuilt at the molecular level, thus, rPET maintains the same properties as virgin polyester, guaranteeing strength and durability while generating 75% less CO2 emissions.